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Sustainable work, not only in stone chip repair

Sustainability and automotive glass - two terms that many do not associate with each other. But automotive glass is a very sustainable topic - at least at A.T. Iser. Because the principle that applies at the family-owned company, says: repair when possible, replace when necessary.

But it is not only in its own core competence that A.T. Iser is aware of its responsibility for people and the environment: this also includes photovoltaic systems, electric cars, energy-saving measures at the branches - to name just a few buzzwords.

"When it comes to sustainability, there are only winners, because the environment benefits, but we as a company are also doing ourselves a favor," says Managing Director Andreas Iser, explaining the commitment. One example of this is the expansion of photovoltaic systems. "We started doing this a few years ago and have now installed one megawatt of capacity." More PV sites are in the planning stage. "We want to develop step by step," says Iser.

Photovoltaik sindelfingen
Modern and sustainable: The headquarters in Sindelfingen has a photovoltaic system on the roof, the electricity from which is used for the building and e-charging columns.

This also includes ensuring that there is a coherent overall concept. "It's important to us that we don't just install the PV systems, but think ahead on this basis." That's why there are e-charging stations at all locations with a PV system and also our own e-vehicles. "In this way, we use the electricity produced ourselves - for the e-vehicles, but also for the respective building," says Iser. Especially since e-mobility will increasingly become important. Almost all major car manufacturers have already announced when they plan to completely switch their production to it.

Photovoltaics and e-mobility are not the only building blocks in the overall concept, however. "We are trying to optimize our stores. This includes converting to LED lighting, optimizing heating systems during maintenance, insulating building shells at newly added locations, or concentrating deliveries of goods and reducing packaging waste. "In all these areas, there is also a win-win situation - for the environment and for us," explains Iser. Pragmatic, future-oriented and with an eye for the big picture. A.T. Iser, after all.

Photovoltaik rottenburg
The largest photovoltaic system is the size of a soccer field and is located on the external warehouse in Rottenburg. The electricity generated is fed into the grid.